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Impulse trainerkite, kite, 3liner

2-line / Power Kites


2-line foil or trainer kites with either straps or bar can always be recommended from the age of 8 in the smallest size, as this is a rather "grateful" kite.

It does not have any rods, therefore there is no danger of anything breaking if they fall to the ground (only if it crashes hard into the ground with the front down, then the cells can burst). So a good beginner dragon to fly with 2 line.

This is also available with a bar so that the child can let go if it gets too violent without the kite flying away. It falls just as quietly to the ground.

​Of course, we also have the foils in different sizes and motifs.

The larger foil is a great toy for the adults. 

​ Really smart: that they can just be packed easily in the carrying bags.


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