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About Us


You will find us in Søndergade in the beautiful Løkken. Close to the water and the beach. Here you have plenty of options for kite flying, Wing skateboarding, Kite land boarding, Buggy driving and much more. 

You are always welcome to stop by. If there is something that is made to order, we will find out over a cup of coffee. 

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Our Story


After 4 years as store manager at "Fanø Toys" - a kite and toy shop on Fanø - KITE CORNER LØKKEN was started in 2021 by Nina Göckens. 

Owner Nina, who is originally from Germany, has lived on Fanø for over 21 years and moved to Northern Jutland in 2020 tostart your own little shop with a large assortment of kites and wind chimes for young and old. 

In addition, there is a carefully selected range of ATB board for KLB and longboard and WINGS for wingboarding. Buggys, beach sails, equipment for wingsurfing and kitesurfing, as well as boards for surfskating can also be ordered.

Because in Løkken the ceiling is high and where else is it better to try out your new kite on the long, wide beach on the West Coast or in the water when the waves are still?! 

Løkken's unique nature attracts many tourists every year - and we want to give them, you and the residentsgreat customer service.
Because satisfied customers are important to us!



Meet The Team

Rømø Wing skating
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